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37-18, 73 Street, Suit # 202,Jackson HeightsNY 11372, USA, 718-308-5020

Mission: Prothom Alo Foundation( PAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the life of community members by providing services along with other partners through counseling, education, support, and advocacy.

Purpose and Goals: PROTHOM ALO FOUNDATION (PAF) is an aspiring non-profit social and cultural organization. The foundation believes that the vast Bengali speaking community needs impartial, unbiased and fact-based information and data to remain relevant in this diverse society and make informed decisions that influence their lives. They also need to know the civics – rights and obligation of a citizen in the society.
Prothom Alo Foundation’ serves the community in various ways. The name has been derived from Bengali origin which means ‘aurora of the day’. It is the most read weekly Bangla language newspaper among the Bengali speaking people in North America.
PAF will also endeavor to help new immigrants understand the interfaith relationship and community activism and integrate them into American mainstream culture and society.
The PAF is committed to women, children and senior citizens by providing them with civic education. In the future, the foundation will also carry out need-based social works to meet the special needs of the underprivileged in the community. It will address some issues like, Human Trafficking , Domestic violance, LGBTQ+ issues , cultural and educational barriors.
We intend to offer various programs that will train, motivate, and enhance their skills. PAF will train volunteers to write and speak for themself and others and provide any additional mental support. In doing so, it will always support social justice and promote cultural exchange.
In building a just immigrant community, PAF will also focus on issues such as removing the cultural and social barriers, promoting gender equality, addressing gender based violence, raising awareness on climate change and environmental issues.Through such community engagements, PAF will contribute to empowering the immigrant community so that they can become an integral part of the fast moving society.

Specific focus of goals include the following:

● Community empowerment
● Civic Education
● Cultural and ethnic literature initiatives
● Interfaith harmony
● Social Equality
● Stop Human Trafficking
● New immigrant support system
● Mental Health
● Change cultural attitude towards LGBTIQA issues
● Writers Project

Legal Status:Although Prothom Alo has been workingsince March 2017 starts with their publishing weekly News Bulletin. Since its beginning a group of volunteers gathered and took initiative for social and cultural issues. Covid-19 gave us a better understanding about the need of such an organization which builds through practice and passion.
January 2022 PAF filed their legal papers to the state of New York as a non profit entity and it is in a process to obtain 501C non profit status from the IRS.

Activities 2022

January 21.2022

Prothom Alo Foundation arranged a discussion meeting on Late Bangladeshi writer and Journalist Nurul Islam.
Community leaders gathered in Jewish center and paid their respect.

(২১ জানুয়ারী শনিবার নিউইয়র্কের জ্যাকসন হাইটস্থ জুইশ সেন্টারে অনুষ্টিত স্মরণ ও আলোচনা অনুষ্টানে সভাপতিত্ব করেন বীর মুক্তিযোদ্ধা সুব্রত বিশ্বাস।( Ref: News Portal )

February 28.2022

PAF organized and participated in an ANTI WAR PROTEST.
@ Divercity Plaza, Jackson Heights



Feb 10 PAF activists participated in a protest @ Ozone park .
Queens. Immigrant Modasser was killed by an unknown man.


March 24 2022

On the anniversary of Prothom Alo , Prothom Alo Foundation organized a discussion on “ Human Trafficking and Immigration” . The Queens District Attorney office supported the program. DA was present there, Asst. DA Jasica was the main speaker on the subject. Labor Leaders from the CWA 1182 and community leaders , writers , journalists were there to participate in the programme which was held at AGRA PALACE, Queens followed by Dinner.



April 15 2022

PAF organized IFTAR MAHFIL with muslim religious group.
Writers, community members from different religions participated as well.


May 18 , 2022

PAF organized and participated in the Book launching ceremony of Bengali Immigrant writer Mahbubur Rahman.
Jewish Center, Jackson Heights, NY


June 6th 2022

PAF organized a discussion on ‘Climate Change and Migration’ , which was held @ Moonlight Restaurant, Jackson Heights, NY.
DC from Mayor office Dilip Chouhan, Local elected official representatives, councilwoman from NJ Shepa Uddin, International Activist Syed Rizwana Hasan , Sharif Jamil, ABdul karim Kim, Tofajjol Sohel were there to speak.

Writer, activist Selina Uddin sponsored the event.




Prothom Alo Foundation

(Summary of some works Done in past 2 years )

December 27,2019

Alo hosted a program in Bangladesh Plaza , Jackson heights. Discussion meeting with Bangladeshi American youth. Hosted and supported by Dr Rajub Boumic and others .


Journalist Mahbubu Rahman Wrote : “ I came to America three decades ago and stumbled. Culture, society, economic stumbling! The thing that was most painful for me as a first generation immigrant; The realization of falling from the roots. The painful feeling of being isolated from the culture in which I grew up. The children will grow up here; They will grow up with a completely different culture from us. The 'bridge' is very important! Thirty years of exile life did not become like that even by running in various organizations ....”

Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
56 600 700 Barrister Shumon/ Dr Encouraging

January 30,2020

Bangladesh Plaza , Prothom Alo arranged a Book launching program. It is part of the culture and heritage preservation initiative. Bangladeshi writers living in America were invited .
They discussed the importance of maintaining one's own cultural heritage to grow in a diverse society.
They discussed Bangladeshi American Poet Faruque Faisol’s Book “ KALER OMROTO


Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
68 550 600 Writers and Journalists Great event

February 14,2020

Community discussion meeting.
Occasion: Valentine's day. Love over hate. / Mostly women participants .


Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
90 700 730 Working women, Girls , activists , writers and Journalists

February 19,2020

: Community discussion meeting on International Mother Language Day

Every two weeks a language disappears taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage.
At least 43% of the estimated 6000 languages spoken in the world are endangered.
Only a few hundred languages have genuinely been given a place in education systems and the public domain, and less than a hundred are used in the digital world.
International Mother Language Day recognizes that languages and multilingualism can advance inclusion, and the Sustainable Development Goals’ focus on leaving no one behind.


Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
120 1500 Ad collected for special Publication 1400 Writers and Journalists , community people Very successful event Special publication by Faruque Foysol

March 05,2020

: Observed International Women's Day Etsy place , Jackson Heights

Group discussion on women rights , domestic violation, empowerment and other issues.
Among others elected officials and community personalities were there. Nargis Ahmed , Assembly candidate Marry Jobaida and others .


Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
73 900 Ad and sponsored 700 Women, Girls , community activists Very successful event

March 12,2020

Covid-19 preparation

Special Meeting with volunteers , reporters , front line workers about our preparation.
Physician Dr. Ferdous Khandakar was invited to give a briefing on the vairus .
35 volunteers called relatives and friends to alert them with advice to follow news closely.


Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
28 0 0 Volunteers

March 17,2020

1. Prothom Alo Made a video and published from our web and youtube channel about covid-19.
Thousands of viewers watched the video and got very initial information about the pandemic situation in New York . Prothom Alo volunteers distributed this digital content to the community.


Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
N/A 0 0 Volunteers First video content for Bangladeshi people

2/ Well known Bangladeshi American writer Mainus Sultan lives In Georgia. He volunteered overseas during the time of previous pandemic and other humanitarian crisis. He has vast influences on Bangla readers.
Mainus Sultan gave 9 points of preparedness advice. Among them Hand Wash , Social Distancing , how to deal with if any family members are affected , importance of Family and community counseling etc.
We distributed that information. Our writers,reporters, and volunteers communicated those to the community. Besides our weekly printed

publication and everyday online update digital social platform played a great role and we all used them.


3/ Prothom Alo volunteers worked for census 2020. Organised discussion meetings , distributed printed materials and called family and community people to enroll . Reporter Monisha Datta led that initiative teamed up with others.

Prothom Alo volunteers participated in a food distribution program in Hillside Ave , Jamaica , NY along with a student Jakia Soya . Our senior reporter Zahida alom led the event. Along with others she collected food, masks and sanitation liquids.

Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
25 250 volunteer donation 250 Volunteers Very initial stage of Pandemic in NY city

March 20,2020

New York went into a complete lockdown due to the pandemic.Office closed. We quickly decided to remain active. Other Bangladeshi newspapers declared to suspend their printing publication.
Because our team work and strategy was set , we continued to publish and for regular updates and communication. Prothom Alo used social media platforms to reach volunteers , writers , reporters and community people. We organized discussion meetings , supported worried people, provided information where the community could get immediate help. Was in constant communication with the labour organization CWA 1182 , where we found Traffic agents from NYPD were a big support. As well members from Bangladeshi American Police Association rendered their support to team up with Prothom Alo for supporting the community

April 29,2020

Pandemic situation became worse in New York . We lost family members ,including one of our volunteer Photographers .
Prothom Alo volunteers reached out first responder from the Bangladeshi community. Reached out Nurses , Police ,Traffic agents and encouraged them for their service in this crucial time.

Prothom Alo was in the saide a cab driver family. Father died , leaving his Harvard going son and other child. Prothom Alo volunteered and stood beside the family and helped with fundraising.

Prothom Alo continued to publish their print edition. All other Bangladeshi community newspapers suspended their publication. Bangla speaking people were collecting Prothom Alo for getting various information.

Prothom Alo reached women and elderly with information they needed in the time of pandemic.

May 2020

3rd - Joined discussion meeting with volunteers . NPD captain Karam Chowdhury among them to discuss how to help people in danger due to the pandemic.

May 15th’2020 Prothom Alo volunteers reached out to the community people with the printed Newspaper and were getting information about their condition . 12 Volunteers joined in the various area of NY

Prothom Alo volunteers started to get trained as a Contact tracer John Hopkins was offering this free of cost course( $50.00) for time being. 30 Volunteers from Prothom Alo took the course and helped the community. We were encouraged to get certified for Contact Tracing and 11 people got a tracer job later on.

May 24, 2020 Prothom ALo arranged a virtual meeting with 50 writers and journalists for capacity building. Among them, 30 volunteers form New York . It was a motivational meeting . Famous editor Matiur Rahman and writer Anisul Haque were present .

May 26th , Prothom Alo arranged first outdoor cultural programme at Astoria park ,Hoping pandemic is going away.

June 23 ‘2020 (Primary election engagement initiative)

Prothom Alo volunteered and worked for NYC primary. Encouraged community people to go to vote. In office we opened a hotline to answer any question regarding polling. Mahbub Rahman , Shah Ahmed among others joined the program from the Jackson Heights office.

Supported by Prothom ALo 2 candidates participated in NY Democratic primary. This was part of the civic engagement initiative.

June 12 , 2020

Prothom Alo organised a virtual discussion program on Quarantine practice . Pandemic era international volunteer Moinus Sultan and others joined in the program.

June 6th Prothom Alo

Participated and partnered a food distribution program with other volunteer organizations in Jackson Heights. 20 Volunteers attended this day long volunteer work.

Food distribution program

Aug 2020

Orientation Training for Peer Mentoring Program (Career Counseling, Resume Clinics, Professional Workshops, 8-weeks Bootcamps) on Monday, August 10, 2020 at 10 AM via GO-TO-Meeting FREE & OPEN to ALL including High School & College Students, Alumni, Aspiring Community members who are hungry for Knowledge. Was conducted with a partnership with a Non Profit Organization BSA

Prothom Alo arranged an art exhibition. Bangladeshi community artists spent their time during the pandemic . It was a reflection of their emotions . 11 Artists attended with their arts. Community gathered and supported the event.

Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
350 1800 1500 Supporting Art and culture Very successful program Donation from Prothom ALo family members

September 2020

On 5th september, 2020 Prothom ALo hosted “Meet with Shubro Deb” . Writers and journalists were invited to attend. Our art and cultural initiative was broadcasted live and thousands of people watched and interacted with the legendary Bangla artist Shuvro Deb .

Attendance Fund Collection Expenditure Subject Comment
40 150 150 Supporting Art and culture Very successful program Donation

Last week of September Prothom Alo initiated a photo exhibition with Photographer Anirban Khandoker. Anirban is the single Bangladeshi photographer who was in Manhattan , NY during the time of lockdown. He took photographs and Prothom Alo published them.

In September, the National election. Prothom Alo writers and journalists supported local broadcasts to educate Bangladeshi people in the USA about the election. It was a part of our civic initiatives.

Oct 2021

29th October Prothom Alo delegates meet with Congressman AOC at Jackson Heights. She was distributing food to the constituents. We exchanged views and informed her about our community work. Later on Prothom ALo Delegation Met with LOCAL CWA union leaders. Mr. Ricky Morrison , Syed Utba and other members were present. We shared our work experiences during the pandemic .

On october 17th 2020 Prothom ALo volunteers participated in a campaign for a missing person from the Bangladeshi community. Distributed flyers and campaigned via social media .

During October 2020

Prothom ALo volunteers made every effort to reach out to community people to educate them about Postal Vote and encouraged them to vote by mail during the time of Pandemic.

December 2020

Prohom Alo arranged smany discussion sessions on how to answer political questions to the Bangladeshi community. Informed them about where they can get help for any social and financial need.

January 2021

01/14/2021 - Partnering with Time TV Prothom Alo hosted a discussion meeting on recovery issues from Pandemic. Among writers and journalists some volunteered for counseling in the community .

Porthom Alo Hosted another Art exhibition . Community people spent their time , expressed their emotion during the time of pandemic .

Prothom Alo stood beside the grieving family Of Jewel Chowdhury. His only son Zimmam Chowdhury died. 6 young people died recently in the Bangladeshi community. Community was trying to find the reason. Prothom Alo writers and volunteers stood by them with mental support .

February 2021

After a long lockdown , New York was trying to come back. Prothom Alo arranged a community discussion programme about finding problems . Discussion was held on Women and children issues . Home schooling and Mental support issues were discussed by our community experts.

February 18,2021:

February 14,2021:

Prothom Alo organized a discussion and cultural events on Valentine day . Bangladeshi poets, artists and activists joined the event .

February 10,2021:

Prothom Alo joined in a discussion meeting on politics. Discussion was held for the community to educate the political system of America .

March 2021

On march 19th Prothom Alo hosted a meeting to congratulate NYPD Sergeant Rajub Bawmik . It is a part of our community outreach program , to encourage them to get involved in the main society and contribute . Rajub already set an example and by encouraging and celebrating his success we wanted to send a message to the community and it would give a positive message to our young people.

On march 26th, 2021 Prothom Alo celebrated Independence day of Bangladesh. It was a joint program with the Bangladeshi American Police association. Captain Karam Chowdhury along with his NYPD officers and writers , journalists and community people joined in the event.

March 31.2021

Interfaith Religious organization Mohammodi Center awarded Prothom Alo for the community work done during the time of Pandemic.

April 2021

Book Distribution :

“Mohamari Corona: Dateline New York” by Ibrahim Chowdhury . It is a compiled book on penadamic. The first 3 months of New York. From March 2020 how pandemic started in New York and how the community handled it. Day by day development stories were written in the book. Tremendous work of a group of Bengali writers and journalists stated in the book . People took this book as a part of their History. Prothom Alo organized 5 separate community meetings starting from the Bronx , Queens and Brooklyn. More than 350 community organizers , writers and journalists joined in those events.

June 2021

Prothom Alo arranged a tour of Bengali Writers and journalists . Visited Washington DC to gather civic and political knowledge , where they participated in a non violent anti war demonstration in front of White House.

Prothom Alo Hosted Bengali writer and journalists had a meeting with the Bangladeshi community living in the DC area. Share their problems and connected themself .

Prothom Alo hosted a cross community meeting in Jamaica , queens. Discussed about post covid recovery and helping each other.

Book MOHAMARI KORONA was presented to the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. The book explained the work done by the Bengali writer and journalist during the time of penadamic .

July 2021

Prothom Alo participated in an outing programm with the community and writers and journalists in a park. Post Covid recovery was turning back to normalcy was the main focus of that program. About 350 community people participated .

Prothom Alo arranged an open enrollment campaign for the community. Medical insurance workers , medicaid assistance and other information was provided to the community.

Medical assistance workshop for the community organized at Bronx. Community workers and volunteers participated.

July 25th 2021

Home gardening discussion and demonstration , New Jersey

August 26 2021

Discussion on Child abuse , awarness and education. International worker Farin Doula was among other participants and she distributed books on Child abuse ( Sexual abuse) . Books were distributed to the community .

Aug 7 2021

Prothom Alo hosted a meeting at Hamtramck , Michigan. City meyor and other elected officials were present . It was a community engagement initiative

Prothom Alo writer hosted a poetry discussion program at Astoria Park , NY Visiting poet Tushar Gayen among others among the participants. ( 08/14/2021)

Sept 2021

Prothom Alo writers , contributors and volunteers had a meeting with Bangali cultural organization BAFA. Bronx Based cultural organization BAFA is dedicated to work inside the community . Prothom Alo discussed about the partnership work and set some goals for coming days.

Prothom Alo writers and volunteers participated in an international conference in Dubai . Shared the experience and about people living outside their country. Bangladeshi people from all over the world participated in that convention .

Oct 2021

Prothom Alo activists , writers and volunteers protested against attack on minorities

Prothom Alo Hosted a meeting with writer Asif Antraj Robi from Washington DC . Community workers and writers , journalists from NY participated and shared their experiences and discussed their challenges.

Prothom Alo writers and volunteers participated in the Book Fair organized by Muktodhara. It was a meeting place for all Bengali writers . Prothom Alo writers and journalists shared their experiences and challenges they are facing.

November 2021

Prothom Alo participated in various HINDU PUJA Places. Encourage religious freedom and communal harmony.

The Prothom Alo delegation visited Washington DC . Had a meeting with ex ambassador Dan Mojina and participated in a community meeting. Bangladeshi people living in North eastern estates were the participants. We shared our experiences and discussed the challenges we are facing.

December 2021

Prothom Alo arranged a program with Bengali song writers living in New York. Community leaders, writers , journalists participated and discussed how to live in a multicultural society and maintain our own cultural activities.

December 26 and 27 Prothom Alo co-sponsored a community gathering. At the time of rising Omicron Prothom Alo volunteers discussed how to protect the community and shared informations.

সম্পাদক: ইব্রাহীম চৌধুরী | Editor: Ibrahim Chowdhury